Peak Mechanical is the western states distributor for Nett Technologies mining, construction and stationary emission control products.

Nett Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of catalyic convertors, catalyic mufflers, diesel particulate filters and other emission control products for diesel, LPG and natural gas internal combustion engines.

Nett is an innovator in emission control products including the S series Catalyzed, Diesel Particulate Filter with N02 Suppressant (MSHA Listed). This DPF not only can regenerate during normal operation but suppresses the production of N02 gases generated by the catalyst process.

Nett has the ability to custom manufacture direct bolt on catalyic mufflers for nearly any OEM application. Nett can also fabricate special canning for DPF applications that are required to fit in place of OEM muffler locations.

Please contact Peak Mechanical for your standard or special application exhaust emission control products.